​Lesley Nolan 

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What would you say influences your work? People for sure, family, really anything that we experience as human beings.  I moved a lot as a kid and you watch and listen to find your place. I wonder about everyone's story.

Why do you think of your work as a Story?  Well we all have one don't we?  They may seem very different and yet the same at the same time.  I like that commonality of the human condition.


What is the difference between how you work in Clay vs. Glass? There are so many construction issues that are different and they sort of inform the work. Glass, well the way I have worked with it, is like a puzzle. Different colors of glass are cut up into shapes to be fit next to each other. It is a very mechanical process. Clay is very organic feeling and the color and pattern are added after the form is created. Although there are scientific and chemical things to know to be successful in both mediums, Clay seems more forgiving. I feel like I am still dealing with the same thoughts however. 

Are you finished with Glass?  I don't believe in closing the door permanently on anything.  Lets just say that I have closed the house and put dust cloths on the furniture.  But I could open it back up at any time.