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​Lesley Nolan 

Play, Dance, Fun, Joy

I have lived and worked creating fused glass in Tallahassee Florida for over 25 years.  My work focused on figures in states of everyday life, mostly dancing.  Over time the call to translate the figures into 3 dimensions just became louder and louder.  I couldn't ignore it anymore.  Glass, although magical and beautiful, does not lend itself easily to that direction, I have done it in the past.  So I decided to wander away.

Clay has an entirely different feel and mechanic and yet is seems natural to me.  All the ideas of humanity, the wandering of my mind, the sentimental and silly that have been filling my sketchbooks for years give me an unending fountain of inspiration.  The figures come out they way they come out.  Often the name I started with changes as the character emerges.  It is a freeing jorney that I find myself on.  Making a change can be scary but this has seemed the perfect time and fit.